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BaBeL2 talk – QuestionsBaBeL2 talk – Questions



1_ What theoretical processes underlies the strategies of territory parcels squatting?
2_ In what way the right to the city is expressed through these forms of appropriation?
3_ What kind of participation induce in the metropolitan life the action of intrusion, of squatting ?
4_ How these actions may be considered expressions of society rather than places of utopia?
5_ In what way these forms of activism and consistency opposition can claim the right to the city and reveal it as a countercultural practice?
6_ Do the strategies of appropriation fulfill the need of participation to the metropolitan space order and planning?
7_ What other synergetic connections can be undertaken with the theoretical claim of the right to urban life and its fulfillment through territorial interaction practices?

BaBeL2 – WorkshopBaBeL2 – Workshop

MAP-it / a participatory mapping workshop Metropoliz

Thomas Laureyssens of MAP-it
After a first experience of participatory map in the previous edition of Babel, leads the residents of Metropoliz to explore the space of the squat. With the help of Thomas they can express and view their considerations on a map through a set of icons stickers, overcoming all the difficulties of communication in a heterogeneous group. The reflections of this workshop, as already happened in the first MAP-November it will be compiled into a summary map that can be used as a guideline for future interventions.

The workshop will be in May 18 h11.

BaBeL2 – WorkshopBaBeL2 – Workshop

SCIATTO produzie workshop

Three days design workshop with SCIATTO produzie. The workshop will produce conceptual design for socializing and meeting intended to be realized in the squatted centre ‘Metropoliz’, via Prenestina. The workshop will focus on the disused area of purifiers to suggest self- construction and increase spatial re-appropriation practices. It’s definitely an intentions project: the ludic production of a thematic map that will spread conceptual TAGS towards the inception of a processual transformation of outer spaces of Metropoliz.
The workshop is meant for architecture students.

Workshop in Metropoliz 15-17 maggio from 11 to 16

to partecipate write at:

BaBeL2 movie – Mare chiuso / Andrea SegreBaBel2 movie – Closed sea / Andrea Segre

Mare chiuso / Andrea Segre

Thursday 17 H22

Since March 2011, after the outbreak of the Libyan War, many African migrants and refugees escaped from the country. While a part of this flow has found shelter in refugee camps at the border with Tunisia, others managed to reach Italian coasts by boat. Many of them had been previously pushed back by Italy as a result of an agreement signed by Berlusconi and Gaddafi in 2008. Since the signature of this deal, all migrants intercepted at sea by the Italian navy were forcibly returned to Libya, where they were exposed to any kind of abuses by local police.
Our documentary aims to tell what actually happened to African refugees on the Italian ships during these “push back operations” and in Libyan prisons after their deportation. We met our witnesses in Shousha refugee camp, at the border between Libya and Tunisia, and in two reception camps for asylum seekers (C.A.R.A.) in southern Italy. Their interviews constitute the main part of the documentary, along with a session of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, where one of our witnesses sued Italy. The Court has recently condemned Italy for violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.
Presentation also with Fernando Chironda _ Amnesty International and ZaLab.

amnesty international

Closed sea


Casino Royale

They born as a group strongly influenced by Specials and Clash. In ’88 and in ’90 record the first three discs, SOUL OF SKA, and TEN GOLDEN JUBILEE JUNGLEGUNS. The early nineties saw some changes in the sound of the band begins to sing in Italian giving the text the same importance of sound. In 1993 DAINAMAITA is the first album recorded for a major, a mixture of very different sounds: rock, soul, reggae, hiphop, dub, funk. At the end of 1995, Casino Royale moved to London where he started composing songs for a new album with Tim Holmes  later component of Death in Vegas .The result is CRX, a record made by melodic parts, a solid and powerful sound, the groove of hip hop and typical experiments influenced by drum’n’bass. Giuliano Palma,vocal interpreter of many of the songs (the other is Alyosha), choose the road solo project and Casino Royale is  for a long period. In 2004 (except Palma) return to play live. Nel 2006, the new, highly anticipated album, Casino Royale, a work in which the samples disappear and appear atmosphere between soul and trip-hop sung by the voice of Alyosha. We have to wait another three years to see the new solo album IO E LA MIA OMBRA.

BaBeL2 music – PLAIDBaBeL2 music – PLAID

PLAID LIVE 18.05.2012

The members of Plaid, mythical British duo, Ed Handley and Andy Turner, housed by the Warp label since the creation of the group in 1991, are coming back on stage! Original members of the Black Dogs, they collaborated with major artists of the electro scene, such as Leila. The two musicians also were members of the team of Björk, with who they still work occasionally. Their tracks are representative of the IDM style, part of the electronic music who doesn’t aim at exciting the masses, but that you can also listen at home or in “chill-out”. Acclaimed by the critics, their seventh album Scintilli, released in 2011, is a real acoustic journey, dazzling by his melodic subtlety. The aerial voices transcend the techno beats and the basslines stress out a multitude of enlightened and violent sonorities. A hypnotic live to look forward to!

BaBeL 2 – MP5BaBeL 2 – MP5



Is a scenographer, muralist, illustrator and cartoonist of alternative comic books. She studied set design for theatre in Bologna, Italy, and stop-motion animation at the Wimbledon School of Art in London. In 2003 she began working with public art. For this purpose she moved to France where she made her first installation for the european project artist in context organized by Pèpiniéres Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes. Following this experience she began travelling and making wall paintings in Italy and Europe. She also began publishing illustrations and comics for several magazine and editors in Italy, Canada, Sweden, France and Portugal, including: Blue, Il Male, Animals, Il Mucchio, Galago, Mamma, Le Dernier Cri, X comics, Liberazione, Schizzo, Chili com Carne, Lamette, Spaghetti, Blog & Nuvole, Dtm, Meridiano Zero, Nda press, Tufo press, La Boute à Bulles, Collane di ruggine, Laterza. In 2004 she made her first shot ‘Alice’, a 2 minute and half stop motion film. The film was shown at the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and Mediterranean 05, it played over several days in one Bologna cinema (Lumiere) and won the Iceberg-biennal prize of young artists in Bologna. In the same year she was called to create the set design for the teatre piece ‘Psicosi 4.48’, written by Sarah Kane and directed by Davide Iodice. There she created a performance drawing with a light box and an empty white scene. The piece played in several theatres throughout Italy over 2 years. She then moved to her current base in Rome. Here she took part in the International comic art festival “Crack” and where she made illustrations for several magazines, rock concerts, t-shirt labels and theatre posters. Her artworks were exposed in several public and private galleries and festivals in Italy and Europe such as Patricia Armocida (Milan), Bedeteca de Lisboa (Lisbon), Napoli Comicon (Naples), Rdce Zore (Lubiana), Vox Feminae (Croazia), Crack festival (Rome), Neon Gallery (Bologna), Lumen festival (Salerno), Arte fiera off (Bologna). She won several prizes, such as the Andrea Pazienza prize for illustration (01), the Bilbolbul prize (02), the Iceberg prize (03), and the Lucca comics prize (09) for comics, the Artists in Context prize (03) for Art and the Iceberg prize (05) for animation. In 2011 she won the Micheluzzi prize at Napoli Comicon as the best drawer for the graphic novel “Acqua Storta” (Meridiano zero editions). Her latest book is “Palindromi” (Grrrzetic editions). She currently lives and works in Rome making illustrations, wall painting and comics.

BaBeL2 music – RWMBaBeL2 music – RWM


RWM DJset 19.05.2012

Beginning in 1980’s urban hip-hop/b-boy culture centered around the activities of break dancing Evolved from there into a more eclectic and experimental style as a DJ, with a strong focus on early Industrial and Electronic Music. During his time there he was also exposed to information about the underground warehouse party scenes in Chicago and The U.K. and already frequenting clubs and alternative concerts in NYC. By 1989, RWM was already familiar with and DJ’ing the sounds of Acid House from Chicago and the U.K. and early Detroit Techno heavily influenced by the Storm Rave / Sonic Groove Records collective, Frankie Bones, Adam X, Jimmy Crash and Heather Heart, from Brooklyn, NYC. An immediate connection to the music, the artists and the culture was established and he attended more than 150 events during that period, from East Coast to West Coast America and Canada and also began to organize and DJ Underground Techno parties by 1993 under the concept which became known as, and still today is, Shadowcast.Organization. By 1997 he was employed by Satellite Records in New York City where he was the buyer for the IDM, Techno ( Hardcore ) and Experimental Electronic Music. Today, DJ RWM resides in Berlin, Germany and frequents Paris, France where he is active as the Creative Director for Shadowcast.Organization and after many years remaining in obscurity as a DJ. Will do a world tour in the beginning of 2012, with the aim to expose people to a different approach to the art of DJ’ing and pushing boundries in sound, a DJ set that is predominantly all vinyl and also intergrating new digital micro technologies and not restricted to one style or genre of music . The tour is also a ” Network Mission ” for the Shadowcast.Organization, with the intent to promote the idea of going back to the roots of the underground philosophy that surrounded Electronic Music in the D.I.Y and early Rave scenes worldwide, in order to go on to the next step into the future of and creation of new concepts in sub cultural events.


BaBel2 – pol GBaBel2 – pol G

pol G
pol G
polG djset 20.05.2012

Voice of the Assassin. The Roman underground hip hop group formed to Radio Onda Rossa (a free radio and militant of Rome) in 1988, when hip-hop transmissions that Militant was A DJ with his posse then called “Onda Rossa Posse.” The following year, 1989, began the concert in social centers in Rome and throughout Italy suffered in the network of places occupied.

BaBeL 2 – Miss Loony BaBeL 2 – Miss Loony

Miss Looney
Miss Loony
Miss Looney (MissAnthroPeak) djset 18.05.2012

Miss Loony Dj aka Jordi has a strong passion for music and she decided to share it being always active in organizing music events. She born and grew up as a DJ in the second half of the nineties in the Forte Prenestino, where she has been Resident DJ for over a decade. In 1999 she founded “Eva Kant dj project”, an all-female project, that marks a milestone and represents a truly significant movement in the Roman underground techno scene. Over the years Eva Kant Dj Pj split into different projects and in 2006 Miss Loony Dj and KillingZoe Dj created MissAnthroPeak Pj. The new project inspired many interesting and incisive events where the scene is only managed by women involving many different audiences: Shake The Disease and TechnoMantika just to mention some of the most important events organized by MAP PJ. Miss Loony music is a mix of techno performed in a very direct and
clean style. Over the years she shared the stage with the likes of Ellen Allien, Vitalic, Ivan Smagghe, Motor, Extrawelt, Anthony Rother, Xenia Beliayeva, Max Durante, Franz & Shape ….. and more ….. and she brought her music in many European cities until arriving in Japan. Miss Loony is one of the creators and organizers of “ELECTRODE” Independent Electronic Music Festival, taking place in Rome at Forte Prenestino.