BaBeL2 lab – Aquachlor MK4BMBaBeL2 lab – Aquachlor MK4BM

como obtener el cloro
process to obtain sodium hypochlorite
BaBeL2 research labs – Aquachlor MK4BM

Whether in situations of crisis and non-critical, living critical in today’s society requires us to consider aspects deemed unimportant by the neo-liberal thinking, such as autonomy in raising the resources necessary for survival. As part of health care, autonomy for the disinfection and hygiene care is too often overwhelmed by the products that require corporations by market rules. Sodium hypochlorite solutions are used disinfectant for a long time, sold in supermarkets in various forms of consumer society (bleach and so on), but all contain the same basic substance.
From experience already realized in different communities on different scenarios, such as interventions after disasters (Malaysia – 26 December 2004 tsunami), rural (Autonomy for disinfection and hygiene care in Chiapas autonomous zones) and refugee camps (the Saharawi) is was possible to explore the use of disinfectant through a self-test machine called Aquachlor MK4BM. The type of technology used by machinery is the electrolysis: starting with a saline solution and through the provision of electricity you can produce with low cost, sufficient amount of sodium hypochlorite. In addition, the product is made with zero environmental impact, eliminating the presence of chemical additives used to prevent decay.
The November 12 will be an installation with a Aquachlor running. This machine was purchased from Epicentre Solidarity for an operation after the earthquake in L’Aquila in March 2009 and after being driven over to the Fort Prenestino continue his journey to reach Palestine ….

BaBeL2 on workBaBeL2 on work

conversation map di Warren Sack
mappa di Warren Sack
The Festival and the Net

The first Biennale of Critical Housing in Rome is a project-laboratory for experimentation, reflection, research and debates focused on the world, spaces and meanings of dwelling.

Such a complex universe will be explored, traversed and experienced through seminars, lectures and round tables aimed at bringing attention to projects, ideas and research about different and new ways of dwelling and inhabiting space. Participants will activate workshops and studios where to elaborate theories and practices of critical dwelling that will find an immediate application through the construction of models as well as elements pertinent to the discussion and themes discussed. “Dynamic” exhibitions will complement the theoretical and practical analysis. An international broad band of activities in streaming, the festival is also conceived also as a network of connections, collaborations and participations from different parts of the world.

Visitors and participants to the festivals will have the opportunity to roam a narrative territory that tells stories about dwelling in particular places, cities and homes and be familiar with a space open to students and to all who wants to bring and share their experiences and their experimentations. Babel2 is platform on which act upon that is both a plug and the catalyst for the propagation of successive research, projects and production.

Babel2, laboratory on Critical Housing, is an appointment where to build narratives about dwelling and living inside and outside the built space, to propagate thoughts and experiences of and for a different living, and more: to narrate stories of exclusion or survival, to tell stories of about places that are forgotten or separated.

BaBeL2 abitare criticoBaBeL2 critical housing

Veronica Felner Rock N Roll Nigger
illustrazione di Veronica Felner
BaBeL2 ~ critical housing/ first independent biennale

Through the analysis of practices and of different modes of living we try to recognize and to discover a ‘critical’ everyday that opens heterogeneous of multiform scenario: from resources to biocompatibility directly applied to homes and the territory and from self-organization to physical structures and the sharing of experimentations and research. By activating the spaces inside the Centro Sociale Forte Prenestino, Babel2 wants to create an opportunity, open and public, where different paths and research about dwelling meet, cross and learn from each other. As a rhizomic and multiform organism, Babel2 wants to create other organisms according to multiple, complex and unpredictable pathways.


Using the closed and open spaces inside the perimeter of the Centro Sociale Forte Prenestino in Rome, we will activate special laboratories where participants will propose, reflect, discuss, imagine and build what comes out of the discussion or what it has been already imagined in other moments and places. By the direct interaction of different knowledge and experience, Babel2 provides a space where the universe “dwelling” is open and other uses ideas, and aspirations in close connection with the everyday are explored, understood, and legitimated.


The different sections of the Biennale will make the mechanism of production visible and interactive: at Babel2 you are the active protagonist of a self-evident process that manifests and realizes itself in the course of the festival. Such a process is the object and subject of attention, an open path able to activate new trajectories of action.

illustrazione Veronica Felner

BaBeL 2 music – FM EinheitBaBeL 2 music – FM Einheit

FM Einheit
FM Einheit Live 12.11.2011

Part of the original nucleus of Einstürzende Neubauten, with Blixa Bargeld and N. U. Unruh, FM Einheit contributed with his destructive performances and his radical instruments to fuel the reputation of the German group during the eighties. After leaving the band in 1995 he has opened to collaborations with artists coming from different musical backgrounds, bringing forward a number of solo projects, and carrying on his experimental antagonist spirit.

independent biennale of critical housing