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BaBeL2 – ReWorkShowBaBeL2 – Reworkshow

Laboratorio Urbano ReWorkShow

Urban ReWorkShow Laboratory is a group of architecture students who intend to study and to intervene in those urban areas often forgotten and denied to the citizens, the goal is to encourage the re-appropriation through laboratory design and construction, aiming for a reactivation of space expressed in terms of collective participation and communicated through a new spectacular scenery. Through collaboration with community and social centers, which act every day in these critical situations, it is possible to develop alternative responses to those (not) provided by the official circuit of Land Management. The methodology of the group is to start from the analysis of the specific characteristics of the place and then realize the answers in a shared process of reconfiguration and redevelopment through AutoRemounter and sustainable design, seen especially in textural and economic terms. The hope is to offer good conditions of living and sharing the urban environment and at the same time sensitizing the community to participate and a conscious use of the places where we live and relate. Urban Reworkshow Laboratory consists of: Cora Fontana, Mark DiDonato, Julia Mangiafesta, Murgante Louis, Julia Murialdo Poma, Andrea Swifts, Alberto SaccĂ , Gabriel Salvia